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Nostalgia Classic - Medium Roast Coffee

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A volcano in the Antigua Region of Guatemala

This highly curated and crowd-pleasing blend is our elevated take on a classic diner coffee. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but this coffee encapsulates the 20th-century American zeitgeist and delivers it to you in a delicious cup of joe. Nostalgia Classic consists of two brilliant coffees that together in harmony create a sweet, balanced, and lightly toasty cup of joe. These coffees are 100% direct relationship coffee in which our partners at origin earn a thriving rate for their coffee. In doing so, all of us can feel great about making a pot of this brew!

Farmer Spotlight:

“Farms of Antigua” is a flagship coffee program created by Los Volcanes coffee to showcase what they consider to be a “true” terroir of the entire Antigua valley—something that in their experience can only be achieved by blending different producers together. Therefore, it is hundreds of producers that make this coffee possible, and together, their coffee is incredible.

The city of Antigua is in many ways a modern coffee Eden. Itʼs iconic, laid back, and gorgeously ornate, and for a city of its size it is absolutely teeming with historic coffee infrastructure. Coffees from most of the Sacatepéquez Department is known simply as “Antigua”, and their sugar profiles range from butterscotch to marzipan sweetness, and acids from lemonade-like piquancy to dessert wine or tangy dried fruit. Guatemala's best centralized wet mills and boutique exporters are based in Antigua. There are hundreds of farms in the area, from the cityʼs legacy estates to patchwork smallholder communities climbing most of the way up Volcán de Agua, one of three looming stratovolcanoes that seem to be visible from every street corner in town and play a large part in Antiguaʼs famous soil composition. Such a variety of producers begets coffees with endless combinations of microclimates, elevations and varieties. There is a lot to work with here, and a lot of talent.