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Memory Lane - Medium Roast Coffee - Wholesale

340g / 12oz

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Order by 10am Monday to receive Friday local delivery.

Memory Lane - Medium Roast Coffee

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100% Women Produced - Taylor Fields looking out over coffee farmland in Irmas Pereira, Brazil.

Comprising of three exceptional coffees, this blend embodies everything we ever wanted from our most popular offering. As our founder, Taylor, would say, "This is a coffee for everyone; a coffee that sparks joy in coffee connoisseurs and new coffee drinkers alike; a coffee that makes excellent espresso and is incredible with milk or straight up. But most importantly, this is a coffee that will take you walking down memory lane."

You'll be hit with notes of Swiss chocolate and fig-like sweetness. It is a true crowd-pleaser and one of the highest-rated blends in America for 2022! If you are new to Nostalgia and love espresso, we highly recommend you give this a try!

Farmer Spotlight:

Ketiara is an umbrella group in this area that was founded in 2009 by Ms. Rahmah, who began in coffee as a local cherry collector more than 20 years ago and is one of Indonesiaʼs most respected coffee entrepreneurs. As a woman coming up in the male-dominated, largely conservative Muslim industry of Sumatra coffee, Ms. Rahmah learned to be assertive in negotiations, tend endlessly to the happiness of the farmers she represents, and to make her business a collective representation of the true gender diversity and talent of her community. The original cooperative was fair trade certified in 2011 and has grown from 38 original farmer members to almost 2000. Ratu Ketiara Gayo (RKG) is the Ketiara group's newest business unit: a women's cooperative established in 2017 and co-led by three of Ms. Rahmah's young proteges: Ms. Lndayana as chairwoman; Ms. Dini as quality control; and Ms. Murul Kemala as treasurer. RKG represents a younger generation of farmers, 971 in total, 80% of whom are women, and all of whom are focused on top quality. Together RKG members farm a total of 1,234 hectares of coffee. We are so proud to work with these incredible women!