Memory Lane Medium Roast Instantly Better Coffee®, case of 100

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Comprising three exceptional coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra, this seasonal medium roast blend embodies everything we ever wanted from our most popular offering.

As our founder Taylor would say, "This is a coffee for everyone; a coffee that sparks joy in coffee connoisseurs and new coffee drinkers alike; a coffee that makes excellent espresso and a fantastic pour over. But most importantly, a coffee that will take you walking down Memory Lane."

You’ll be hit with notes of swiss chocolate and fig-like sweetness. We use Memory Lane in our café as espresso and regular coffee. It is a true crowd-pleaser, and one of the highest-rated blends in America! If you are new to Nostalgia, we highly recommend you give this a try!

How to brew

Pour 9oz of boiling water
Pour boiling water over the bag in your favorite cup.

Brew for 4 minutes
Let it steep for a few minutes to make sure you get all the coffee goodness.

Dunk to your desire
You control the strength of your coffee! Dunk 5 times for a mild coffee and 15 or more dunks for a more intense cup.

Prefer iced coffee? Pour 7oz of boiling water over the bag, brew for 4 minutes, dunk 15 times, pour over ice and enjoy!

Dipping a brew bag

We made sure that convenience and taste could coexist

Putting coffee in a brew bag isn’t easy. Making sure you don’t sacrifice the taste? Almost impossible. Finding the right roast profile, micron particle size distribution, offgassing time, and well...you get the point. We found other brew bags lacked the quality, taste, and ethics we pride ourselves on. So we accepted the challenge and became the first specialty roaster to create our own brew bags.


brew bags tested so far


hours research and development


roasts put to the test. Only 4 met our exceptionally high standards.